Why Choose Africonet?

Boost Your Social Life

Boost Your Social Life

Boost your social life with Africonet and make more friends through our ever increasing community

Messaging System

Messaging System

Best Messaging system with unlimited messaging, while sharing message you can share photo, video, files and lots more

Verified Community

Verified Community

Majority of our users and vendors ar e verified. You don't have to be afraid of being scammed, as our team are working 24/7 to protect your transactions making sure you get value for what you pay for with zero tolerance for identity theft.


Learn more about Africonet 
and how we started

A journey of ideas born out of the gap between Africans in rural areas and in diaspora and those in urban cities withing the African Continent, and the world at large. Creating a community were people come together to find people with the same interest in a user friendly environment, getting all your needs with a single click.

At Africonet, we connect Africa to the rest of the world. Bringing: love, friendship, shopping, travel guide, businesses, ideas and latest information together, using verified means and identities. We are the largest multi vast online social community in the world. Were you meet new people, meet people who meet your needs, meet people at your comfort zone meet people of same like mind like you always wanted.

We have  awesome feature: love, friendship, shopping, travel guide, businesses, ideas and latest information,  together with a single click.

Our goal for you is  for you to find people and services  with same Interests and comfort, people that will help you leave the life you dream of. At Africonet, we give you a chance to live Life and not just Dream.

Come Join Us today  and  enjoy the experience.


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