Barack Obama’s Daughter malia Is pregnant


Malia the 16years old daughter of Barack Obama has confirmed she is pregnant and now in her second trimester.
Malia had confirmed her baby daddy is a white when she said “my mom always hoped I would get with a nice mixed-race man like dad, buy love is so colorblind, mom was probably right though. The dad already left me for some tramp and of course, like all white man, my baby daddy won’t want to pay his child support”.
I already told him, ‘you want to keep your license so you can drive that bleach blond, tramp around in your little Jaguar, right? Better step up.
While her mother, Michelle Obama, said teen pregnancy runs in the family, as she stated that her mother-in-law had Barack when she was 18, so she see where malia gets it from.
She stated how excited she is about the baby as the white house hasn’t seen a baby since 1884 or so.
Barack Obama on the other hand said despite being as outraged as any father would be, he is being supportive of his daughter. “We ‘ve all very relieved this little blessing happened and thankfully in my second term”. He said .

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