Breaking: multiple evidence, as Nigerian government officials is seen sponsoring thugs on protesters


On several videos circulating in social media, government branded vehicles were seen with government officials liaising with thugs disrupting the peaceful protesters, which is already turning into bloodshed and killing of innocent civilians. As at the time of this report, the total death tole is already getting to hundreds as there have been multiple killings around the country. The Idea of government hijacking the protest, is to enable the government send in Solders to give excuse for extra judicial killing.

This according to many protesters is unacceptable as Nigeria deserve the needed change to serve as a role model for other African Countries. According to Mr Emmanuel, the corruption in Nigeria need to be purge out for effective growth.

The man behind the government official is the same man leading thugs in the video above to attack peaceful protesters

While Samson is of the opinion that if Nigeria can be restructured, the youth in diaspora are willing to come back home. He highlighted that since he came back from Dubai, life in Nigeria has not been fair. with bad roads, no light and Police brutality has made life much more difficult for Him. If he had is way, he prefers to be in the street of Dubai than to be in Nigeria going through this hardship. In his word, I will not go back on this protest, if it cost my life let be known that I died for a good course.

Hope for Nigeria

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