Breaking News: Over 100 Nigerian citizens missed their flights back home from Dubai✈️


Over 100 Nigerian citizens missed their flights in Dubai because of the new rules given to all airlines that is permitted to enter Nigeria.

1) Each flight ✈️ carries up to 300 Passengers, but the Nigeria government ordered them to carry only 200 persons because of corona virus.

2) Before you check in with any airline you must present your corona virus test that was done in UAE within 72hours

3) you have to pay the sum of #51,000 Fifty one thousand naira via online for another coronavirus test when you arrive in Nigeria. You are mandated to present the receipt to the airline counter before you can be checked in. failure to complete the procedure above, you will not be allowed to board. Lots of Nigerians are stranded right now in Dubai airport, whole lots of them did not meet this criteria.

though a lot of Nigerians were caught on aware, and those that tried to complete the process at the airport, were unable to do so as the platform was out of service.

It is expected that when a country is setting up policy they should at least consider its citizens, this is not the case of the new rule on entering Nigeria

Indeed There Was A Country

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