CANADA: Canadian visa. How to migrate to Canada with a job without Agent fee.

Let’s talk about getting hired while outside Canada with resident visa

Every country wants jobs for its locals first, and every company wants to hire with the least hassles. That being said, it then stands to reason that being hired from abroad is easier for those who have skills that meet local labour supply gaps.

Canadian employers have to look for locally available candidates first, and if they can’t fill the position locally within a certain time frame, they can apply for and receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC) for that position, unless they have a position which is LMIA exempt.

Certain skills have labour market supply gaps in certain provinces in Canada. Some of these are trades such as carpentry, welding & boilermaking, motor mechanics, technicians, electricians, heavy vehicle drivers, nurses perhaps, agricultural workers, just to name a few. Each province has its own labour market requirements, and these can change from time to time.

So how do you get hired?

Apply for jobs with Canadian employers, and sell yourself to them as much as possible. Don’t send an application and sit back and wait, follow up so that they see your interest – the more you stay in their minds, the more inclined they will be to consider hiring you. Remember, applying for jobs is a competitive process, you will likely be competing for that same job with applicants from all over the world, in addition to applicants from within Canada.

To increase your chances, target areas with less competition for jobs, such as smaller towns outside major metropolitan areas. A lot of people say British Columbia is expensive and then avoid it, that’s where you should apply then, so that you increase your chances, your goal is to set foot in Canada, then once you are settled you can consider other areas.
Do what other people are NOT doing. Apply where other people are NOT applying, don’t go for the girl every guy is after, go for that one who sits alone in the corner, she’s more likely to say yes 🙂 (forgive the analogy). Use job boards such as, Ziprecruiter, and Canada’s Job Bank (, and apply directly to companies.

Once you get the job offer, you can then apply for a work permit and entry visa and move – or you can choose to apply under an immigration program depending on where your employer is based and where you’ll be working.

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