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UK lawmakers Talk down buhari regime and demand sanctions -#EndSars

On Monday the 23rd of November members of the United Kingdom parliament talked down the regime of Muhammadu Buhari, for the attack and intimidation of protesters who took part in the #Endsars protests.

They demanded sanctions on government officials and security agent such as visa ban, freezing of assets and stopping the funding and training for the Nigeria police forces.

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Breaking: Banks are not allowed to hired dismissed government workers

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu buhari has signed a new banks and other financial institution Act, 2020 which barred banks from employing or retaining an individual that was dismissed from any government institution at the federal, state of local government level.

Section 47(2) of the law Reads in part, “No bank shall employ or continue the employment of any person as a director, manager, secretary or an officer who (a) is of unsound mind or, as a result of ill health, is incapable of discharging his duties.

“(b) is dismissed from the service of the federal, state or local government or any agencies of such government or (c) is declared bankrupt or suspends payments or compounds with his creditors, including his bankers; (d) is convicted of any offence involving dishonesty or fraud.

“(e) is guilty of serious misconduct in relation to his duties; or (f) in the case of a person who possesses a professional qualification, is disqualified or suspended otherwise than of his own request from practising his profession by the order of any competent authority.”

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ISWAP fighters ambush military convoy killed 7 soldiers and 1 militiamen in Borno

The death toll in a jihadist ambush on a military convoy in Borno state on Saturday rose to eight after two more bodies of soldiers were recovered, security sources said.

Three security sources had initially told AFP six people, including five soldiers and an allied militiaman, were killed in the attack.

“The death toll from the ambush is now eight. The bodies of two more soldiers were recovered,” said one of the sources.

“It is now seven soldiers and one militiaman killed,” he said.

The new toll was confirmed by another source.

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) fighters armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades opened fire on a convoy of soldiers and an anti-jihadist militia in Kwayamti village, 60 kilometres (36 miles) north of the regional capital Maiduguri.

The convoy was on its way to the town of Baga on the shores of Lake Chad, some 140 kilometres away, as a security detail for the state governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, who flew by helicopter earlier in the day.

All the sources asked not to be identified because they were not authorised to speak on the incident.

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Senate president has asked media to provide evidence of #2bn bribe they claim he received

Ahmad Lawanda the Senate president of Nigeria has denied claims that he got #2billion to confirm the second term of former independent national electoral commission (INEC) chairman, mahmood Yakubu. He further asked the media who carried the false publication to provide evidence they have.

The Yobe Senator said the report against him failed to provide the names of members of the accusers and where the group operates from.

The statement said the parliamentary process for the confirmation of nominations by the President is open and involves all senators.

The Senate President is only a presiding officer of the Senate and does not lead any group in or outside the august chamber that acts in any way to circumvent the processes of the Senate.

We reassure Nigerians that the Senate President did not receive any gratification, in his or behalf of others, to help Professor Yakubu get a second term as chairman of INEC”, it read.

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Nine more Nigeria Governors will defect to APC – Governor Yahaya Bello

Yahaya Bello, who is the Governor of Kogi state has stated on Thursday the 19th of November, at channels television that nine more opposition Governors would cross over to the All Progressive Congress (APC).
He further stated that he did predicted ten Governors will join the ruling party and Ebonyi state Governor Was The first to join.

“I did say there are 10 governors from the opposition parties that would join APC.

We have seen one. One that is equal to ten; He has joined us. Nine to go,” Bello said.

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Jaruma Empire confront Adamu Garba, former presidential aspirant in Nigeria over his negative comment on the north joining the End SARS movement

There was heated augment between Garba and Jaruma Empire in view of his comment on twitter on the on going End SARS protest. As seen in the video, she explained that the north has its own share of bad governance and she see no reason why the northerners should not join the clamour for better governance.

watch video below and share your thought.

see his comment on twitter below

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Southern Gas fields attacked by Islamist militants -Tanzania

Islamist militants who began insurgency in Mozambique three years ago attacked the southern Gas field in Tanzania. Inspector general of Police Simon sirro said the militants arm with guns attacked kitaya village in mtwara and retreated to Mozambique,which according to him Some of the gunmen involved were Tanzanians who authorities believed to be behind a string of murders in the coastal town of Kibiti in 2017.

Investigation as been made on both locals and foreigners in connection with terrorist incident as most of them had been arrested by the police.

Which according to the armed conflict location and event data project about 2108 people has been killed and 309,000 was displaced since the insurgency begun by militants based in Mozambique

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The true story behind Lekki massacre and Answers to some question you would like to ask.

N/B all videos and pictures use here are well verified to the best of our Knowledge as at the time of this report

Was there a Massacre ?:

The question is we need to know the meaning of massacre first:

Meaning 1. to kill many people in a short period of time (Hundreds of civilians were massacred in the raid)

Meaning 2. to defeat an opponent very badly in a competition or election(England was massacred 5–0 by France in the semifinal.)

By this definition ( killing of a large number of peopleesppeople who are not involved in any fighting or have no way of defending themselves) SO yes there was a Massacre

Was there lost of life? ( yes)

Can we account for the total lost of Life

( No, because unconfirmed report has it that, the military men involved in the shooting took some bodies with them) and with previous precedent of military and police actions against Nigerians, this act is common with the Nigerian Forces

Was the raid carried out by Nigeria Army?

(Yes but this was the few corrupt once which according to report are from another command not within the Lagos command).

Is the Nigeria Army against the protest?

(No they are not as seen in the video below, as well as chat history with an Army officer).

but because Nigeria is a democratic state, they are advising that protesters act within the law not to allow hoodlums hijack the protest. As seen in the chat history, and important note on several videos by military commandant. A win for rebranding Nigeria is a win for them too.

Note that, the last time army salary was increased was in 2007. Yes there was an increment some times last year, but has not been effected. Nigeria Army want better life too so they are in support of peaceful protest but can not join you because of their Uniform and oath of office as such they will never shoot peaceful protesters.

Are our traditional rulers supporting our actions?

( Yes they are in fact the whole word is happy that for once Nigeria youth woke up to fight for their right and as such they are in support of peaceful protesters. To the youth you are not alone in this, sure you understand why a lot of people are not coming out openly)

Is Nigeria leaders afraid of the youth

(Yes as seen with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and former president of Nigeria, fleeing the country in the wake of the demonstrations and Riot) in fact military and police knows that the unity of the youth will cost collateral damage so they are afraid and in prayers it does not get to that.

Will it affect you if the burning and killing continue?

(Yes it will, even those of you in Diaspora. We all have relations back home direct or indirect so there are ways to fix Nigeria without breaking law and other. And for you at home be careful, (hunger go they o), life will be difficult that’s why we all have to be careful and use our head).

Can we achieve this rebranding we have started?

Yes watch out for what Nigerian youth must do to achieve rebranding of Nigeria without breaking the law.

As you share information ask your self is this true? or doctored? will it cost more life to be lost or save more life? am I focus? or I am distracted? yes violence might bring the change we desire but the lost can be collateral.

lets end


Bad governance and corruption

Lets give power to the people, and make service officer accountable. But we should be wise in our dealings, Nigeria is the only country we can call our own.

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Breaking: Protesters storm ware house full of unshared covid-19 palliatives

Corruption at its peak, as unidentified protesters storm ware house fool of un share
palliatives. this coming as there were lots of cry of hunger in Nigeria and some dubious
politicians kept this food stuff in their ware house neglecting the poor masses when they
needed them most, it is an act of wickedness and a wake up call for the Nigerian youth to
seek more accountability from its leaders.

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NDLEA office ablaze, as seized Indian hemp was carted away by thugs

uspected hoodlums under the guise of #EndSARS protest on Wednesday set ablaze the Edo state office of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

It was gathered that they set the office on fire after carting away seized cannabis and other hard substance from its warehouse

The hoodlums attacked the office located at Upper Sakpoba area in Ikpoba Okha local government of Edo state in the afternoon when Soldiers on patrol dispersed the protesters who mounted a roadblock in the area.

Some people in the community said the burning of the NDLEA’s office was not carried out by members of the EndSARS movement but criminals.

According to a source, the NDLEA office is not a place that has valuables that any right-thinking person would like to loot except for contraband goods like cannabis and other dangerous substances used by criminal minded person.

Meanwhile, a police source who spoke to our correspondent said hoodlums had mixed with the #EndSARS protesters to carry out the destruction.

The source who craved anonymity noted that the protesters were being sponsored as people including women were bringing food and drink to them hence the protests still continue.

A protester who corroborated the source, said people are bringing money and food but didn’t know the source of the items.

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Help is coming from no were. We must fix Nigeria our self watch and get sense

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