Ex-Army spokesman claims Nigeria soldiers did not fire live bullets in the Lekki massacre


Brigadier general sani kukasheka Usman (retd.), the former spokesman of Nigeria army claims the soldiers are not responsible for the shooting of peaceful protesters in the Lekki massacre.
He stated in his interview with Arise TV that Nigeria soldiers did not fire live bullets at the Lekki massacre.
Which according to him the slodiers fired a blank ammo, which can not kill but causes slightly blister or colouring on the skin.
The past army spokesperson said
“If you look at the canisters, they were blank ammo and blank ammo don’t even kill at a close range, but at 100 meters it will have some pigmentation on your skin. Remember the military are armed and by the nature of their training,they’re trained to kill and I think the military in its wisdom instead of using live ammunition decided to use blank armour which is meant for training”.

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He further said “I think they should be commended for that otherwise there would have been serious collateral damage,but they were professional enough to have done that”.

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