How to make a free “flight ticket” as proof of onward travel


Why Do I Need Proof Of Onward Travel?

In many or most countries of this world you must provide an onward or return ticket to be able to enter the country. Many people travel with only one-way tickets to be spontaneous, as you will not know when and from where you are leaving the country. So what can you do? How to make a free “flight ticket” as proof of an onward flight?

  • There would be the possibility to buy a cheap bus ticket into another country (without actually taking the bus).
  • Or you can buy a very expensive flight ticket, with the possibility to cancel it later. It will be charged to your credit card, but you will only get the money back months later.
  • Fellow travellers told me they use sometimes an onward flight tickets websites, where you pay a small amount of money (around 15$) and they generate an onward flight ticket for you. I personally have never used them and can’t give you any recommendations for that.
  • Another option some readers told me recently is to use Expedia. On Expedia you can book and buy a ticket out of the desired country to where ever and you will get a confirmation email. Keep the email, save it as a PDF file and then cancel your ticket immediately on Expedia. They refund all flight tickets which are cancelled within 24 hours. So it is essential that you will not forget it, otherwise you will lose money.

Therefore, I have an easy and fast solution for you on how to make a free “flight ticket” as proof of an onward flight or how to provide proof of onward travel. Of course it is not a real ticket, but it is proof of an onward ticket.

Important Notice

If you get caught with a real fake ticket, it can have serious consequences as it is illegal. Especially if you are lying to an immigration officer rather than an employee from an airline. Use this method at your own risk and never edit and photoshop any real ticket.

If you use my method on making an onward ticket, the only thing you will not get of course is a flight confirmation number as it is not a real ticket. So far it always worked to cross the border without any problems or to check-in to another flight (with using the “ticket” as proof of an onward flight ticket). Two things you need to consider when you are doing the ticket:

  • Always create a flight ticket with another airline you are actually flying with (if you are not doing a land border crossing). Otherwise the check-in personnel at the airport is able to check in their system if you really have booked the flight.
  • Make sure the ticket is far enough in the future (but within the visa period), otherwise you might end up with less visa days than you want.

How To Make A Free “Flight Ticket” To Provide Proof Of Onward Travel

Below you will find the step by step instructions on how to make a free “flight ticket” as proof of onward travel.

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