Multiple government websites hacked by Anonymous in solidarity with #Endsars protestors In Nigeria


The hackers popularly known as Anonymous on Friday 16th of October 2020 hacked the twitter account of the National broadcasting commission in support of the ongoing Endsars against the police brutality in Nigeria

Which according to the OPNigeria, SARS special police force unit in Nigeria have succeeded in killing more than 20 people including anons leaving the youth angry and protesting non-stop for government oppression and killing should stop.

The anonymous hackers on Wednesday night said they have hacked multiple Nigeria government websites as protests against police brutality continues. This was confirmed on Thursday to be true as the police force claim that there platform has be affected by hackers.

Anonymous hackers popularly know as the decentralized global activist group has issued a 72-hour deadline to the federal government of Nigeria to grant the demand of the protest as seen on the earlier video which appeared online.

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