Nigeria Muslim blast BBC over photo Of Saudi King shaking female Prime Minister


In the lslamic religion, a man is not allowed to shake hands with a opposite sex as they consider it a sin before God.

Following their religion social media users from the northern Nigeria have attacked British Broadcasting Corporation (Hauser service) for publishing a picture of King Salman of Saudi Arabia shaking hands with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
The picture was published Tuesday morning by BBC hause on its online platform with the heading “Saudi King Salman emphasises Germany’s importance to freedom of expression.

Nigeria accused the British media organization of ‘undermining lslam’ by using a picture that shows the custodian of Islam’s holiest place in a handshake with a woman.
Some also warned the staff to be cautious of what they called the ‘wrath of God’ as they accused them of working with the Jews.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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