Nigeria will never change— Minister Rotimi Amaechi


Former governor of River State and present Minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi stated in one of his recorded interviews with reporters that Nigeria will never change his reasons been that the president isn’t listening to anybody, which according to him the president of the federation doesn’t care , if you abuse him or not.

Rotimi Amaechi said just three year of buhari on sit everybody is crying bitterly about the economy of the country and so many people are hungry as the rate of poverty in the country is very high.

As the interview continued he said his next university of transportation will be built in his village as charity begins at home unlike the president who’s charity begins aboard. He said during his tenor as the governor of River state he once told Badmus his SSG than, that Nigeria was hopeless and helpless than Badmus said “Oga stop you know you are the Governor but after two weeks in Abuja he said this country is hopeless and helpless, I asked him why he said that the only thing they do is share money”.

He concluded by saying that this country will never change as the country is going nowhere, even if the country is divided into ten different country it still won’t change.

Below is Rotimi Amaechi exact words as recorded by the reporter

“Three year of buhari, everybody is crying, salesman are crying, workers are crying, farmers are crying, politicians are crying, students are crying.

Three years ooh, rate of poverty is very high, some people are hungry.Nigeria will never change, the next university will be in my village, university of transportation. You all are graduate and charity begins at where, they answered saying home, his own begins aboard.

The president isn’t listening to anybody, he doesn’t care ,if you abuse him he will laugh and say see they are abusing me here. There was even a case in onitsha where a trader who couldn’t sell his goat during Salah went ahead and was cursing buhari and because of the curse everybody was buying he goat. He said what is my business with onitsha man goat sales.

These country is going nowhere, even if you divide the country into ten it still won’t change. When Badmus was my SSG I told him this country was hopeless and helpless he said oga stop you know you are the governor, two weeks in Abuja he said this country is hopeless and helpless I said why he said the only thing they do is share money .

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