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The days-long protests across the country against police brutality has taking a different turn as hoodlums sort to kill protesters in the country.

The protesters, refuse to hold back as they cried bitterly, complaining they are the future of the country but what is the fact of the country if only 10℅ of them have Good job.

The youth said they studied hard to get good grades but it seemingly the northerners who are nonentity get the best of job in the country and most of them live below two dollers per day which was a shame on the country as their parents generation has failed them.

They stated that most of the leaders in the country only think about themselve and not anyone else as must of the youth are going haywire which was a pity on the country.

They further said the level of abject penury in the country is so high, that in no occasion would they support the government as some of them acquired their PhD by their parent sponsorship while they eat from home without giving back. They said must of their fees are paid by their parent pension money which they never get to pay back.

They concluded, saying most of them get second and third degree with the hope of get a better job but to no avail as the young ladies from both poor and average homes were now into prostitution irrespective of their age and young guys are into rituals call yahoo and the situation is getting deteriorating every now and then.

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