Police Arrest Nigerian Gay Leader and a Local Fraudster in Imo State Nigeria.

Chimzy Brainy Johnson in police Van after his arrest today

The Nigeria Police today at about 11:30 am Nigeria time, arrested a suspected Nigeria gay leader involve in Fraud, to the tune of 2.4 million naira. It was believed that apart from engaging in fraud, he is also recruiting under age children in his community into gay club, he is also a member of Paragon Modelling Agency in Imo State Nigeria were the recruited under age kids are likely initiated to.

Petition before the police from the family before the arrest.

Effort to reach out to police relation office in Imo State has prove abortive as at the time of this report, His number was switched off. But we were able to reach out to the sister of the defrauded family.

In her words, “spare the rod and spoil the child” that she would have look the other way, if the money the suspected fraud star Chimzy brainy Johnson, defrauded the family was used for meaningful investment, She would have not effected his arrest but rather he went about recruiting under age children into gay club which if not salvaged would be a menace to the society at large.

The suspected Fraudster Chimzy Brainy Johnson and one of the leaders of Paragon Modelling Agency
The suspected Fraudster Chimzy Brainy Johnson
The suspected Fraudster Chimzy Brainy Johnson
The suspected Fraudster Chimzy brainy Johnson

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