See limumba Karim, the other big boy who Died with Ginimbi


The Zimbabwe big boy who died on the 8th of November 2020, died with three other persons, among those was limumba Karim, a citizen of Malawi.

Limumba was born in Malawi,he have been residing there until 2013 when he got himself involved in a massive fraud that have since been termed the Cash Gate Scandal,the fraud have been described as the biggest fraud ever witnessed in the history of Malawi as a nation,it is believed that the nation was defrauded to the tune of $32 Million in a space of six months,it involves hacking huge sums of money from government coffers,when pulling this deal,he involved about 17 other people including some people who hold sensitive positions in government,they were all charged to court.

Mr Limumba who termed himself as a businessman was facing charges of Money laundering when he fled the country for South Africa in 2015,he was initially granted bail after the case have been in court for sometime,but after he ran away,he was declared a wanted man and the court bail was revoked because he refuse to attend the court cases anymore,things got so heated up that his personal lawyer had to withdraw from the case.

the Malawi government have demanded for the extradition of Limumba fro4th of m South Africa

As the government were filing the necessary papers for his extradition,he moved to Zimbabwe to join his friend Ginimbi and they have been touring almost all the happening places in the country,on the day of their death,they were returning from the birthday party of a lady named Michelle, who was their friend.

Before his death,it is believed that Limumba is survived by three children whom all lives in Different countries,one is in South Africa,the other is in Mozambique while the last one is in Malawi,it is also believed that his corpse will be flown back to Malawi for final funeral rites,after evading the government of his country.

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