See why Ginimbi allowed his father suffer in poverty


Ginimbi who was an oil mogul and a businessman genius lived a luxurious life. He was believed to be worth millions of dollars. He had fleet of cars and popularly known as champagne king.
While he was so rich and known as Zimbabwe big boy his biological father was living in extreme poverty, as he can barely survive.
Media houses who spoke to his father detected that the two had no good relationship, which is truth, as Ginimbi once mentioned that it was their mother who took good care of them as their dad abandoned them when they were still growing up.

Ginimbi revealed that he was the one who takes care of the house and family from at a tender age, Because of his father’s absence, he decides to hustle at age 17.

Due to his hard work, he becomes the one who provides for the family including his mother who was passing through hardships. Even as he lost his mother, his father never came to her funeral.

Ginimbi never discussed his father, his father said, he had never visited him before. They have been far away from one another, however, his dad said he used to see him helping the street and used to hear that his child is currently rich and celebrated.

Ginimbi always talked about how hard his youth was and how he needed to step in the role of a dad at a youthful age. That was the reason he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his dad when he was all rich.

Ginimbi likely never healed from that torment of not having a dad while he was as yet alive. It was his money and he has the right to give to anyone he wants to give. And he has decided not to give to his poor father who abandoning him while he was still a child.

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